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  • Jun 23, 2017
  • Comments: 6
Comments: 6
Chan Wai Man 20-10-2017 18:26
我想訂購畢業熊 香港教育大學 可刻字嗎?
KWOK WING SEE 16-03-2018 14:36
1. 本人想訂購警察熊,沙展,淺藍色恤衫打呔,系統上應該選擇夏季 / 冬季? 只有冬季才會打呔 (我怕個人選擇跟貴司的想法有出入,故此查詢) 2.名字和畢業年份印在哪裡? 3. 能夠做到沙展肩章?
rainbow 16-03-2018 18:35
請問hello kitty 畢業公仔尺寸。價錢。有現貨嗎?
Helen 25-03-2018 21:43
Mrs tam 23-05-2018 16:39
I have been sent an email to your company for my request on 10 days before. Still not receive your company reply. And i had tried to phone your company many many times. Unfortunately, no one to pick up the phone. Would you please kindly reply how to contact your company with many thanks. Why I choose your company again? Because I am your customer as before. Waiting for your prompt reply with many thanks. Best regards
LOTUSHO 02-06-2018 17:37
my son studies in UK, I don't like the bear that your company designed for non-local university while I prefer the one for local university. I had bought one from your co two years ago.The bear's look and the gown is the same as his university, will your co still design in this style ?
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